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Our sugar free drink

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We have worked hard to be in agreement with our ideas… A good product (probably the best on the market) must respect as much as possible the environment, so the plastic bottle has disappeared because it is not optimal for the product, and it is not for the earth either. Our sugar free drink enter in the “Alo’E” range, in a 250 ml aluminium can. We have not changed the quality and the recipe of the product does not change, only the container!...








We have found that several sections of the population have to pay more expensive than others to have access to certain products… people with diabetes or celiac live this situation daily. Everyone know this, so after more than 7 months of development, since July 2016 we proposes an alternative in which we have not replaced a product “not tolerated” by another that could be worse in a long term… And with the help of all our distributors will reach to the consumer at a very good price (sometimes cheaper than some similar products with a lower quality).


Our sugar free beverage follows the same line as Alo’E beverages, it is a soft drink with aloe vera, non-carbonated, natural, without preservatives (pasteurized), without dying, in this case without sugar and sweetened only with stevia. It contains 50% of Aloe vera, making this the main ingredient (is the greater one in our drinks).

The shelf life of the beverage (date of preferential consumption from its manufacture) is 24 months (without preservatives).


Our drink is the first (and the only one for now) in the market (global) to combine a drink of aloe vera, healthy, without preservatives, without dyes, without thickeners (without any ingredient that is not absolutely necessary), suitable for diabetics (With a sweetener recognized as "healthy"), without any allergens (without fructose, without gluten), with an attractive price.

It is very important to note that stevia (this name is not authorized by the health authorities for use in labeling in certain countries) is the only sweetener in our drink, most manufacturers who use stevia to sweeten, also add another sweetener (And often also sugar). E-950 (Acesulfame K), E-951 (Aspartame), E-955 (Sucralose), E-968 (Erythritol, depending on the type of product, at the moment not allowed in Europe in this type of beverage) they are the sweeteners (Controversial) the most common in drinks without sugar.


Most similar sugar free drinks have "fructose", the fruit sugar that diabetics use to raise their blood sugar levels and may even be more harmful than sucrose (the name of the common sugar) responsible of teeth-caries and obesity (when it is taken as added sugar in an "industrial" product). Fructose, when consumed "eating a fruit" (not drinking its juice, even squeezed at home) does not have the same effects, when we eat a fruit we are not only consuming fructose, we also get fiber, complex hydrates, micronutrients with antioxidant function and phytonutrients, good for the body.

As "Alo'E", we reproduce the part of the label that is not visible in the descriptive, below so you can have all the elements to know our drink...

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