The aloe vera soft drink...designed for all!

August 2015… Alo'E is borned

They are refresh aloe vera drinks with an exclusive recipe, created in our island (the recipe).


We are very proud to have been able to manufacture (we package out at the moment till we get high volumes that allow us to do it in Spain because at the moment we don't have means to do our drinks here) a product that correspond to our philosophy, "Premium" drinks that the main ingredient is aloe vera, with delicious flavor, without gas, without preservatives, in a current container and …. with an appropriate price at the current economic situation.


Our non-carbonated soft drinks, that we consider like one of the best in the market, it does not take away something as important as the pleasure to consume them…  

Real picture of Alo'E pomegranate flavour




We imagined what could be offered as "a perfect drink", the (definitely) best soft drink with aloe vera on the market… "Alo'E" is a Premium drink, without any doubt, the easiest form to check it out, it is to read the label with the letters (eachone) in a size above that required by the standards.


The ingredients, the best ones and the most simples. In the "legal" order (from highest to lowest): Aloe vera (juice and pulp), water, sugar, critic acid, flavour (depending on which one: orange, mango, pomegranate) NOTHING ELSE!


"Alo'E" does not have preservatives, dyes, thickeners or other additives and, non-carbonated... only what is necessary to offer a pleasant and healthy drink. "Alo'E" has a shelf life of 2 years, which is possible thanks to the quality of the package (aluminum can) and to the pasteurization process (used to eliminate naturally Microorganisms present in juices).

Real picture of Alo'E orange flavour



It is very important to note that the first ingredient in "Alo'E" is aloe vera, in most of the soft drinks (of all types, with or without aloe vera) the first ingredient is usually "water". Aloe vera is the highest-cost ingredient, but we being manufacturers (our factory manufacture them according to our formulations), there are no intermediaries ... that allows us to apply reduced margins, and thus offer our products at a more affordable price.


Most of the products, which the industrialists propose, have as their only argument to be the "cheapest". This argument only serves when there is no possibility of comparing the quality of the product or a possible healthy purpose.


Many drinks (soft drinks with or without aloe vera) have amounts of additives (allowed but in some cases controversial) as preservatives, thickeners ... In "Alo'E", we do not have nothing of this, we think that "we are what we eat" and we have to be aware of it to have a quality of life satisfying our pleasure.

Real picture of Alo'E mango flavour


"Alo'E" has natural alo pulp (not reconstituted from powder), in very small pieces (about 3 millimeters) so as not to disturb those who do not like to find "pieces" in the drink. They are similar to refreshing bubbles that explode on the palate. Thanks to this reduced size you can drink "Alo'E" with a straw... fun for the little ones! These pieces are "the caviar" of alo.


When you open a can of "Alo'E", it produces a "psstt" similar to the noise that is made when opening a carbonated drink... to avoid oxidation of the product (air effect) and to ensure better conservation, we add a small amount of Nitrogen (gas that constitute about 78% of the atmospheric air) so that it occupies the "empty" space in the can and thus allows that the properties of the products do not deteriorate. "Alo'E" is a non-carbonated drink, this (Nitrogen) is only present in the packaging, not in the product (this gas does not mixed with liquids).


If you are sensitized to the effects of our modes of consumption on the environment, you may notice that aluminum cans can be recycled indefinitely (without loss) so with a recycled aluminium can you could make exactly another one...


Many companies will try to copy our drinks, get it will be harder...

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