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Alo'E have been created to make the healthy and the good quality be close to the consumers, it is a "popular" range, quality products do not necessarily have to be expensive, taking care with our environment and having in the first line our consumers.

Our brand, "Alo'E", created in Spain, was born as follows:

Alo: it come as "Allotropy" (is spelled with one "L" in Spanish), it is a term used in chemistry for saying it can be present in different shapes (like carbon, it can be in graphite or diamond). With this, we want to refer the Aloe vera, our main ingredient that we know and respect in the whole process. Without doubt, we will propose variations on our drinks… 

The apostrophe: this little orthographic sign ('), it is used to join two words (definition HERE)

E: it is the copulative conjunction "and" (in some conditions for spanish speakers), it means "Alo and ingredients, taste the different"

Like this we have a word game that we can use the sound "aloe" calling another things, with the first letters on each word in capital letters to make an effect as "wave"…


In hard times the most industries (and businesses) are only caring about making a lot of money by selling "cheap" without worrying in what they offer us to drink, we have decided to manufacture the best products at the best possible price.


Our drinks are manufacturing with the main objective to offer the best quality and the healthier and natural product in its category.

Our philosophy is to be able to choose in a "conscious" way what we want to consume.



"Clear Label"

Our commitments are:

offer a comprehensible label, a manufactured drinks with natural products, without artificial dyes, without chemicals, without artificial preservatives, and with nutritional values and ingredients that are easy to read.




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